1) Q: What is the card?
A: the card is a visa debit card and is much like a gift card: It allows us to spend whatever amount of money is stored on the card.

2) Q: Does it affect my credit score/file?
A: As we are using a visa debit card, there is no effect on credit scores or will not appear on your credit report. Therefore, it does not affect mortgage applications, etc. If we were using another type of credit card, this would be the case.

Q: Why the need for specific documents?
A: The documentation we request is the same as that required by the bookmakers. This is the bare minimum – we will never ask for payslips, etc.

Q: How do you make money?
A: Our specialist software converts the free bets offered by bookmakers into cash.

Q: How long does it take?
A: The whole application process takes a few minutes

Q: What is a bookmaker/bookie
A: This is a betting sites such as Skybet/betfair/bet365

Q: What do you do with the card?
A: We use this to get money into the bookmaker accounts.